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Plan your vacation

We offer you a new form of accommodation, so you can enjoy your next vacation ...

    Valle Termal Resort offers you  10 week plans to be consumed in 5 years for 4 people.   These plans can be used for stays in our hotel or be deposited in Interval International, where we are affiliated, to exchange for stays in other destinations or hotels in Argentina and the world.  Internat ional Interval has a network of approximately 3,000 resorts in more than 80 countries and its headquarters in Miami.  Interval has offices in Capital Federal in Montevideo 255 8 piso and its telephone  The switch number is 11.48194400 where all kinds of queries can be made.

    The weeks we sell are not fixed weeks, they are floating weeks.   For use in the hotel are weeks of medium and low season (does not include  summer holidays, winter and long weekends). In the case of being  deposited in Interval are also weeks of medium and low season but can be exchanged for any week of the year in other destinations or hotels in the world.

    Additionally, we have agreements with other friendly hotels where we can exchange low-cost stays (subject to availability).

    What is innovative about this system and for the benefit of the member is that maintenance expenses are not paid, only in the case of using their weeks in  Club Valle Termal Resort will pay  a minimum occupancy rate, and in the event that the member decides to exchange their weeks for Interval International, they will pay  an interchange fee. Finally, the Member has the facility of being able to divide his week into two uses, this option is only using his weeks  in the Valle Termal Resort complex.

In summary, this is an investment with a very good return for the following reasons:

• Freeze the price of accommodation, with significant discounts and forgetting about inflation

• Exchanges with tourist resorts of excellent level, quality and services at very low prices

• Split your weeks into two getaways at Valle Termal Resort

• Use your weeks for other people in your family group or friends.

• No maintenance costs.

  Personalized attention.

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