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Travel abroad and within the country at incredible prices,
with the addition of Pre Trip and financed in 12 installments

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Club Valle Termal Resort and Spa de Federación offers you an incredible offer.

It is very important in these times to travel with the cost of 1 week for 4 people approximately $ 300 at the official price, with the addition of the Pre Trip plan with a 50% refund and with financing in 12 installments through the Now 12 Plan.

We are associated with Interval, which is an international tourism exchange company with first-rate hotels in more than 80 countries.

We mention some examples. Travel to Aruba (La Cavanna hotel and others), Miami (Marriott Fort Lauderdales and others), Orlando (Marriott and others) or Las Vegas (Marriot and others) which are the most sought after destinations where 1 week in those hotels at a price of Counter cost between $ 2,500 and $ 3,000 a week for 4 people.

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• 2 PAX:   Cash $ 41,645.-          Now12 Plan: 12 fixed installments of $ 9,952.-

• 4 PAX:   Cash $ 75,717.-           Now12 Plan: 12 fixed installments of $ 18,172.-


Additionally, if you want to come to our Apart in Federation, you will have a 20% discount on the counter rate for being members of the Valle Termal Resort week plan, as always in mid and low season that does not consider summer, winter and long weekends.

Our objetive
it's your rest ...

Ñandubay (Former Sisters Bentancourt) and Cnel. Rooms

Federation, Entre Ríos,


+ 54-11-32610513

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