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Information for our clients


     Due to the great uncertainty in which we find ourselves, we have considered measures thinking about the health and well-being of each of our clients, of each person that makes up our beautiful work team and of our community in general. These measures will be carried out through protocols generated by professionals from our establishment focused on national, provincial and local health guidelines, accompanying safety, hygiene and social distancing.

Each sector will have its own measures allowing to guide each person who enters, stays or leaves the establishment.

     The training of our employees in each protocol is essential for us, since it will allow each one to know how to face their job, in addition to having the corresponding health protection measures.

    The number of people in the common areas cannot exceed a number of 10, respecting the mandatory social distancing of 1.5 meters. Each sector of the hotel will be with corresponding signage.

   As a hotel we are taking every precaution to ensure that it is in a safe place. Our goal is to take care of each other, and we believe that by contributing a grain of sand each one of us will be able to achieve it.




RESERVATIONS: The reservations made will receive a form by whatsapp or by email requesting the data of the reservation holder and the respective companions. In addition, it will be accompanied by a DDJJ (its completion is mandatory). In this way we avoid any paper handling and speed up the check-in process.


CHECK-IN: each guest must enter with a mask, they will pass the shoe soles through a disinfection mat and alcohol gel will be placed on their hands, which will be available in various sectors of the establishment. A maximum of 1 person per reservation will be allowed at the reception desk. In the reception area the floor will be marked under the corresponding distance. Guest-staff contact will be the bare minimum. The guest can contact the reception by whatsapp or approach it. It is requested not to approach personnel outside the reception or confectionery.

Keys, cards and others will be disinfected both when they are delivered and when they are received.


CHECK-OUT: the summary of their stay will be sent to the guest by digital means, once the agreement is given, the corresponding payment will be made, if there is a balance. (Maximum 1 person per apartment).





COMMON AREAS: there will be disinfection stations in different areas of the establishment. Staff will regularly disinfect high contact surfaces and areas.


ROOMS: Each apartment will be disinfected regularly under the corresponding cleaning protocols.


ROOM CLEANING: it will have protective elements such as a cap, a mask, latex gloves and a chemise.




BREAKFAST: if it is included, for security reasons a dry breakfast will be offered to the room which may be requested by the client in a pre-established time range. On the contrary, if you do not have the service, you can hire it at the time of booking, during the stay by whatsapp or by approaching the reception (maximum 1 person per apartment.)


RESTAURANT: for the moment the room will be closed, but we will have a delivery service to the rooms, where our clients will have all the necessary comforts.


SPA: the spa sector will be under strict and meticulous hygiene measures.


POOLS: we await instructions from the authorities to establish the corresponding protocols.



The protocols will be updated as necessary.

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