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New Holiday System - Timeshare Offers

Holiday System

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The most practical for your breaks and holidays !!

Valle Termal Club Resort offers holiday this innovative system. You. Can acquire 10 weeks to consume in a period of 5 years.
. By buying these weeks you will have several advantages: First, save about 35% on our traditional values ​​of hospitality.You also. Happens to belong to the international system of Interval International Exchange and thus can exchange their week for weeks at other resorts first class in Argentina and the world at unbelievable prices! But the innovation of this system and benefit the partner is not paying maintenance expense, only if using their weeks in Valle Thermal Resort Club paid a minimum occupancy rate. If the member decides to exchange their weeks by Interval Interntional not pay their occupancy rate ,.
And finally the Partner has the facility to divide their week in two applications using only the thermal resort Valley Resort.
In short this is an investment with very good recovery for the following reasons:

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  • Freeze the price of accommodation with discounts and forgetting inflation
  • Resorts exchanges with excellent level of quality and services at very low prices
  • Two weeks fraction their spa getaways Valley Resort
  • .5; "> Use your weeks by other people in your household
  • Without expenses.
  • Personalized service.